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Michal Lieberman 

Painter and Sculptor, born in Israel, 1988

Lives and work in Tel Aviv


Michal Lieberman’s process derives from two practices that connect the two and third-dimensional worlds. One is painting from observation in oils and watercolour. The second is sculpting and wheelwork with porcelain. Repetitiveness is crucial in her process. It begins with choosing the model for observation. Then she paints many variations of it on paper or wood. The process ends when an ideal composition is found: a feeling of delicate balance and a sense of truth.

Lieberman draws inspiration from the 17th and 18th centuries of still life European painting, porcelain services, and its European decoration that was invented simultaneously. From the domestic, she steps outside to the landscapes free of indoor spaces and linear perspective toward the endless views, aerial perspective, and fields of colour. This is where her creation connects with the landscape painters of the 19th century, like Kasper David Fridrich, John Constable, and J.M.W Turner.

This tension is expressed by building spaces (In paintings and sculpting) that stand against the postmodern time. The objects and nature taken for granted in our immediate consuming contemporary culture tenderly take the center of the stage to evoke a memory of our limited resources and time.


Michal Lieberman is a graduate (BFA) of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Ceramic and Glass Department, Jerusalem. (2015), and “Hatachana School of figurative drawing and painting Tel Aviv. In 2021 she exhibited a solo exhibition at the “Incubator” Gallery of the Ceramic and Glass Department, Jerusalem. Her works are exhibited in galleries throughout Israel and in private collections.

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