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Michal Lieberman 

Born in Israel, 1988

Lives and create in Tel Aviv


I collect and create porcelain vessels using traditional techniques, integrating them with furniture to craft intimate, life-sized scenes. Through repetition, I explore the transformative essence of these materials. Whether shaping clay or painting, I engage in a tactile dialogue. Depicting landscapes without human presence, I evoke disappearing open spaces. My art connects different skills, materials, and traditions to challenge notions of "Home".


Michal Lieberman is a graduate (BFA) of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Ceramic and Glass Department, Jerusalem. (2015), and “Hatachana School of figurative drawing and painting Tel Aviv. In 2021 she exhibited a solo exhibition at the “Incubator” Gallery of the Ceramic and Glass Department, Jerusalem. Her works are exhibited in galleries throughout Israel and in private collections.

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