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Artist Statement

My creation process derive from a dialogue between my body and the material. Within the dialogue I explore art and craft traditions and their unique relationship. Through oil painting from observation and wheel work in porcelain, pieces emerge from their physical and material connection. Working in both mediums evokes a close and direct link between the sense of sight and touch: to draw a sculpture and to sculpt a painting.

From my physical center rise objects and images, later placed in a new home, formulated from moments of stay and observation. The inanimate objects are distilled into a conceptual concentration that moves between reality and illusion toward equilibrium. Their creation is a movement between line and spot, two and three dimensions, inner and outer space, still life, and landscape.


Combining these skills allows me to examine cultural boundaries and challenges the accepted ways of perceiving them. The search for balance drives me, and the materials, which connect through the body to an independent space and language, express it.
Between the various components of the process, an intimate and mutual relationship is created. The space, the object, and the body - the wet, dry and burnt material - are influenced by each other and carry development, change, and stillness.
Aspiring to expand the existing space to include a home. 

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